BASF audience survey 2016

The audience survey for the programme of BASF Cultural Management , which was conducted by EDUCULT, is completed. It has to be emphasized that there was a...

theater morgenstern, Berlin: "Lass dich küssen, Turandot"; Foto: Peter Theis

German Association of Independent Performing Arts and Cultural Education

The symposium „tanz + theater machen stark“ on October 20-21st, 2016 at the Academy of Arts Education of the German Government and State of North Rhine-Westphalia...

Copyright: Sabine Bruckner und StreetlifeMad

Cultural Integration

EDUCULT has been engaged by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) to develop systematic and plausible justified recommendations and how they can effectively contribute to the...



SAG’S MULTI! 2016/17

This year the multilingual rhetoric contest „SAG’S MULTI!“ takes places for the eighth time. The contest was launched by “Wirtschaft für Integration” and aims at showing the potential of multilingualism...


work::sounds – How does the working world sound? 2016/17

From October 2016 to May 2017, EDUCULT and the Chamber of Workers and Employees Vienna (AK Wien) offer the project "work::sounds" for schools combining music education, aesthetic research...


Salon der Kulturen

Salon of Cultures – “In and Out Culture. And in between?”

EDUCULT extends an invitation to the symposium “In and Out Culture. And in between?,” which is part of the “Salon of Cultures” series, at the University of Applied Art Vienna....

Salon der Kulturen - Vernissage O.T.T.O

Salon of Cultures – O.T.T.O

We cordially invited you to the exhibition “O.T.T.O” by Daniel Fonatti, Gregor Fuchs, Katsiaryna Krauchanka, and Dora Kuthy at the EDUCULT gallery on 22 November. The exhibition is part of...