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Urban Places – Public Spaces

In March 2015 EDUCULT was commissioned with the evaluation of the project. Round table discussions with the management, interviews with panellists and experts, quantitative audience research and social-media analysis were...

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Learning in, with, and through culture

After two years of learning in, with and through the arts our research project has come to an end. Results and experiences of the joint adventure of scientists, pupils, teachers...

Kinder im Kunstmuseum Bonn vor Katharina Grosse, o.T. (1002L), 2003 Dauerleihgabe Sammlung Kico

Art and Games

EDUCULT was commissioned with the evaluation of the project “Kunst und Spiele” (Art and Games) by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. “Kunst und Spiele” is a program that aims at developing...



work::sounds – How does the working world sound? 2015/16

In 2015/16 "work::sounds" will take place for the fourth time in Vienna. Pupils of vocational schools are invited to participate in order to investigate different workplaces. The aim of the...


SAG’S MULTI! 2015/16

This year the multi lingual rhetoric contest „SAG’S MULTI!“ takes places for the seventh time. The contest was launched by “Wirtschaft für Integration” and aims at showing the potential of...


EDUCULT Summer School Vienna

Take your students to Vienna! EDUCULT offers a Summer School providing a participative and discussion-based perspective on the Viennese cultural scene. The students will meet artists, cultural managers and cultural...


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Salon of Cultures – IT ALL GET’S BETTER

We cordially invite you to the exhibition „IT ALL GET'S BETTER" by Jasmin Edelbrunner, Stephan Genser and Louis Szapary at the EDUCULT gallery. The exhibition is part of the EDUCULT...