Arts Education and Schooling
Study on the Importance of Arts Education within the Educational System
The study focuses on the relation between the fields of arts education and the educational system. The research aim is to find out what effect arts education can have on school development.

The study focuses on the relation between the fields of arts educational and the educational system. Within the last couple of years, a wide range of projects on arts education in schools developed. However, often arts education is found in competition with other fields of school development, such as the discussion on PISA. In accordance with that, representatives and practitioners of arts education face limits in further integrating it within the schooling system. Therefore, a stronger institutional foundation within the educational system would be needed in order to widen its effects.



Based on a document analysis, interviews and round table discussion with experts in the fields of arts education, the educational system and education as well as art politics are carried out. Concepts such as neo-institutionalism and educational governance serve as theoretical foundation.