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Aid Fund for Artists

Since 2015, artists in Austria can receive financial aid in special hardships. EDUCULT is evaluating the Aid Fund (Unterstützungsfonds) for the Social Insurance Fund for Artists (Künstler-Sozialversicherungsfonds)....

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Since October 2017, EDUCULT has been part of the implementation of the Erasmus+ project “BRIDGING - Bridging social capital by participatory and co-creative culture“, together with eight other partner organisations...

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Transculturality at University

Austria has been able to position itself internationally as a country of culture and music. This is also indicat-ed by the attractiveness of its arts and music institutions, which are...

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Arts Education and Schooling

The study focuses on the relation between the fields of arts education and the educational system. The research aim is to find out what effect arts education can have on...


School INCLUSIVE Cultural Education

The project “School INCLUSIVE Cultural Education” investigates how a different kind of school culture supports respect and openness for cultural diversity and a sense and understanding for the meaning of...

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Independent Performing Arts and Cultural Education

How is the relationship between the Independent Performing Arts and funding opportunities for projects in the field of arts education?...

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Language Rich Europe

The British Council, supported by the European Life Long Learning Program, initiated a new research on multilingualism in Europe. As one of 30 national partner institutions EDUCULT is carrying out...

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Wir machen Schule

Since the beginning of the school year 2015/16 an innovative school project is being implemented at the WMS Leipziger Platz. In spite of the unfavourable socioeconomic starting positions for...

Kinder im Kunstmuseum Bonn vor Katharina Grosse, o.T. (1002L), 2003 Dauerleihgabe Sammlung Kico

Art and Games

Evaluation of a project that fosters creativity in young children at cultural institutions...

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Evaluation of Goethe Institut programmes in the context of transformation partnerships

The Goethe Institut regards artists, persons in the cultural sector, and media players as seismographs as well as agents of social change. Through its programmes in the field of culture...

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Public funding of pilot projects in cultural education

EDUCULT is carrying out research on pilot projects in culture education in Germany.
A research project of the Federal Academy of Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel/Germany in cooperation with EDUCULT...

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CrossCulture Internships

Evaluation of a programme for the support of intercultural dialogue between Germany and the Islamic world...

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Evaluation of the advanced cultural management training

Qualifying cultural managers is part of the Culture and Development initiative of the Goethe-Institut. Its objective is to provide long-term support to the arts scenes in the Goethe Instituts...

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Access to Culture

The aim of the project "Access to Culture" is to compare the priority setting on European level and national implementations. Hereby the project will establish indicators for the exchange and...

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Cultural Learning for Families

Cultural Learning for Families is a European partnership supported by the Grundtvig program, contributing to the question how a family approach can be taken into consideration by arts and cultural...

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AEMS – Arts Education Monitoring System

The aim of the AEMS policy analysis grouping is to set up a European structure that will make national European data on the resource input in arts education comparable. Our...

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Ruhr Atlas Arts Education

Looking from a neighbour’s perspective, it seems that an impressive number of arts and cultural education project have emerged all over Germany in the past few years. The main stakeholders...

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Process consulting for PIMP MY INTEGRATION

Vienna’s new city government with the Green party in charge alongside the Social Democrats has caused some dynamics in the field of migration-, integration- and cultural policy. The project “Pimp...

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Development of an impact-oriented evaluation concept

The project aims at supporting evidence-building and the communication of the results of the culture and culture education work of the Goethe-Institut....

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Cultural Integration

Given the enormous challenges that Germany is currently experiencing due to the influx of refugees, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM ) has engaged EDUCULT to...


BASF audience survey 2016

BASF SE, a German chemistry concern located in Ludwigshafen, offers over 60 performances in the context of its cultural programme every year....

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Evaluation of a Swiss Foundation

Our partner organisation Drew Wylie has invited EDUCULT to participate in evaluating the activities of the Drosos Foundation ....


Arts Education in Kosovo

Our partner interarts as well as Culture Action Europe have invited EDUCULT to participate in the Culture for All Programme of the Kosovo....

MCP Broker

Brokering Migrants´ Cultural Participation

MCP Broker is a European project aimed to enhance and stimulate the cultural participation of migrants by improving the capacity of their local cultural public institutions to interact with them....

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One-Person Enterprises in Austria

In many sectors, the number of people in flexible contracts (freelance, temporary…) is rising. It is likely that behind the buzz word “freelancers”, many people suffer from unclear contracts and...

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Trends in Culture and Culture Policy in Europe

The study is a scouting for trends and developments, exploring new topics, innovations and models in different contexts....

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Evaluation of the project “Where from? Where to? Myths – Nation – Identities”

EDUCULT currently evaluates the project of the Goethe-Institute Prague called Where from? Where to? Myths – Nation – Identities. The project aimed to connect the issues of culture...

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