School INCLUSIVE Cultural Education
Strategic Regio-Partnership within Erasmus+
The project “School INCLUSIVE Cultural Education” investigates how a different kind of school culture supports respect and openness for cultural diversity and a sense and understanding for the meaning of aesthetic elements in everyday life, as well as the appreciation of creative practice.

Short description

The school administrations of the involved countries – Stadtschulrat Wien, Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft Berlin and Erziehungsdirektion des Kantons Bern as an associated partner – develop strategical guidelines and will support the schools during the process.

A practical guideline for the implementation of cultural education in schools will be one result of the project “School INCLUSIVE Cultural Education”. This guideline will support school development programs with and through cultural education methods.

Furthermore the project develops a modular professional training concept for the implementation of cultural education in schools.



The Strategical Regio-Partnership includes four project meetings, two in Vienna, one in Berlin and one in Bern. During each meeting a working group formed by representatives of the school administrations and EDUCULT discusses structural and theoretical questions concerning the implementation of cultural education. Another working group visits practical examples in schools and cultural institutions, and observes the implementation of cultural education in practice, the use of feedback systems for the development of competences, and the cooperation with out of school partners.