Wir machen Schule
On behalf of Arbeiterkammer Wien, EDUCULT is evaluating the school project „Wir machen Schule“.
Since the beginning of the school year 2015/16 an innovative school project is being implemented at the WMS Leipziger Platz. In spite of the unfavourable socioeconomic starting positions for pupils and in view of improving their educational and professional prospects, the project aims to change the school from within. EDUCULT provides scientific mentoring.

Short description

In September 2017 already the third age group has started with the implementation of the project, which is introduced step by step to the school starters every year. The project aims to promote the potentials of students and strengthen their social skills, self-confidence and self-reliance. This goal is to be achieved by a series of basic principles and conceptual emphases. These include, amongst others, the focus on indispensable basic teaching goals, potential-focused pedagogy, regular coaching and supervision for teachers, open learning and a clear target definition for school success. The evaluation of the project is also an important component of the school project by providing a further level of reflection and supporting quality assurance during the implementation.


Against this background, the interim evaluation of the project aims at documenting the effectiveness of the concept, supporting the ongoing optimization as well as the knowledge transfer inside and outside the school. In this sense, the focus of the evaluation is not only on the analysis of the achievements and the impact of the school project. The structural quality of the project, with regard to the quality of the basic conditions and the financial and personnel preconditions is taken into account, as well as the quality of the implementation process regarding questions of the distribution of roles and tasks and possibilities of participation. For this purpose, various qualitative social science methods are applied, including observations of teaching sequences, workshops with pupils, round-table discussions with teachers or interviews with parents.