EDUCULT Summer Academy Vienna
In the fields of Cultural Policy, Arts Management & Arts Education
EDUCULT offers representatives of universities and other higher education institutions to jointly plan a customized intensive study abroad program in the areas of cultural policy, arts management and arts education in and around Vienna.

Take your students to Vienna! EDUCULT offers you and your students a mind-challenging experience in a vibrant cultural city and plans a unique study abroad program according to your specific focus and interests.

EDUCULT provides representatives of universities and other higher education institutions the opportunity to jointly plan a customized intensive study abroad program in the areas of cultural policy, arts management and arts education in and around Vienna this summer beginning in mid-May until the end of August. Your students will gain in-depth insights in various fields of practice – financing, managing, curating, producing and educating arts and culture – as well as a chance to develop their critical thinking capacities in a thought-provoking atmosphere.

The EDUCULT Summer School is directed at study programs in arts and cultural ma­nagement, policy and education at all le­vels.

We plan your individual Summer Academy according to your group’s thematic interests, sylla­bus and timeframe. A customized program according to your group’s needs and interests com­bines the diverse areas of management and financing culture and the arts, cultural policy and planning, participation and education, audience development etc. with theoretical reflections.

On the whole – as we reflect back on the summer school two months later – we continue to marvel at the depth and scope the summer school managed to cover in eight short days.  The Summer School in Vienna with EDUCULT was precisely the immersive, research driven experience the UB Arts Management Program was looking for. 

Kevin R. Leary | Assistant to the Director of the University at Buffalo/NY

Profound insights in theory and practice

A wide range of different formats provides variation as well as space for in-depth exchange and reflection. Hands-on, proactive workshops and visits behind the scene of arts and cultural institutions are discussed in settings facili­tated by EDUCULT staff. We regard dialogue and interaction as one of the key elements to enable learning.

Vienna is known worldwide for its cultural traditions that win the hearts of arts-lovers and attract tourists from near and far. Vienna has repeatedly been awarded the city with the highest quality of life in the world, and has been recognized for being a city were start-ups, innovation, sustainability, and the economy thrive. Many international organizations like the United Nations and OSCE call Vienna home.

EDUCULT also shows your students the creative developments that are taking place in contemporary Vien­na. Arts, design, architecture, music, theatre and dance are produced by a young genera­tion that is shaped by diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. In addition, education and participation programs are developed that target Vienna’s population.

These developments are moving from the fringes to the flagships of bourgeois culture and are incorporated in marketing and au­dience development strategies. A changing population shaped by migration also chal­lenges established concepts of public cul­tural policy and funding. By showing these controversies and perspectives, the EDU­CULT Summer Academy creates an inspiring atmosphere for your students, offering both food for thought and practical ideas.

We at EDUCULT are looking forward to meeting bright young people from all over the world and discussing developments in arts, cultural management and policy. Together we enlarge our understanding of culture and develop a vibrant learning network.

PD Dr. Michael Wimmer | Founder & Director of EDUCULT


Review EDUCULT Summer School with students of the "Arts Management Program" of the University at Buffalo/NY