SAG’S MULTI! 2016/17
Multi lingual rhetoric contest
In 2009/10 the project took place for the first time. About 300 pupils with migration background mix their fist language and German. They had to convince the professional jury about their language skills and content about several topics. The competition was initiated by Verein "Wirtschaft für Integration" and organised together with EDUCULTs help.


Since 2009/10 EDUCULT and "Wirtschaft für Integration" organise the multilingual rhetoric contest "SAG'S MULTI!". Children and young people from the 8th school grade are invited to register and to take a speech in German and a second language.

The competition is split into three categories according to the school grades. Each participant has to present a speech switching between the first or foreign language and German. They have to convince the jury of their language skills. At least one member of the jury is a native speaker of the first language. The contest is divided into three stages: pre-selections, regional competition and final.


The prizes for the top 15 are a one-week travel abroad.

During the first competition in 2009/10 over 100 children and young people presented their skills. In the second year 2010/11 more than 250 participants registered and the year after over 300 applicants were counted. During the sixth competition over 540 talented young people were part of "SAG'S MULTI!".


For further information please visit the website of "SAG'S MULTI!" (only in german)