Salon of Cultures
EDUCULT's participative approach is reflected through our open discussions and art projects on current topics in the field of culture, education, policy and intercultural dialogue.

Cultural policy needs public discourse. Like no other policy field, it is vitally depending on discussion and controversies – a public space to exchange experiences, opinions and positions.

The series of event „Salon der Kulturen – Salon of Cultures“ is an EDUCULT offer to provide a room for discussion. Intercultural dialogue is at the core of the talks, where people with or without migration background can join in, discuss about arts and culture and get to know each other better.

“Salon of Culture” takes place in different settings: young artists with different backgrounds exhibit their works or play concerts, international researchers publicly discuss their results etc.

The Salons deal with topics of the EDUCULT work in the fields of “Arts, Culture and Intercultural Dialogue”, “Cultural Education” or “Culture and Democracy”. Cooperations with partners such as the University of Applied Arts Vienna or the Konservatorium Wien Private University are important to reach our target audiences.