Salon of Cultures – “Gespaltene Zunge” (engl. “Split Tongue”)

What we commonly call a white lie to gloss over an unpleasant truth can be observed daily in our everyday lives. Perhaps our modern social structure even depends on occasional concealment of truths?

Osama Zatar, curator of EDUCULT’s Salon of Cultures series for the past three years, has made it his goal to present artists from different ethnic backgrounds in a prestigious space like the Museumsquartier. It is notoriously difficult for artists to be represented in such an exclusive space.

Getting in touch with curators and gallery owners is the first hurdle. Getting a concrete chance to exhibit sometimes seems almost impossible. The curator Osama Zatar is concerned with several questions: If you as an artist always receive embellished rejections and are rejected with white lies, how can you improve? If artists don’t receive honest feedback on their work, how can we expect genuine and honest work to be created?

In this exhibition we welcome three artists who address these questions and present their work on the theme. Louise Deininger, Rubén Ezequiel Löwy and Valentina Schandl enter into an artistic discourse on the concealment of truths with light art, an installation as well as an installation performance and a sculpture.