Salon of Cultures “Wos host g’sogt?”

Das gefaltete Universum Nr 1 ©Yun Wang

In the frame of “Salon of Cultures” Ukrainian painter Oksana Zmiyevska, Israeli photographer Inbal Volpo and Chinese visual artist Yun Wang will engage in artistic discourse and present their works. At the vernissage, Syrian artist Saad al Ghefari and Hungarian comedian Tamas Vamos will also share stand-up comedy with the audience. The exhibit is curated by Osama Zatar.

In “Wos Host G’sogt” the exhibited artists from various disciplines, who work with various forms of media, will demonstrate the fluid language of art. The viewing and discussion of their works aims to develop an understanding of whether and how art functions as a language, and what this means for linguistic diversity in society.

In the framework of the opening, there will also be a podium discussion on multi- and metrolingualism in art.

Below is more information about the artists and their works.