Salon of Cultures: Non degradable

Object 1 (A whole new World – Series) – Stefanie Koscher

There is often a consensus among artists to consciously address the crisis of climate change and to actively deal with it (artistically) as well. But at the same time, artistic creation itself produces environmentally harmful waste.

The use of paints, spirits, animal-based products, paper, etc. is incompatible with the desire to end climate change and the exploitation of nature and its resources.

The current lifestyle of people as a collective is also not degradable through consumption, excess and waste. The non-decomposable traces of today will remain for future generations. What the ancestors believed in, how they ate, what tools they used are the eternal traces of non-recyclable objects.

As a sculptor, the curator Osama Zatar personally faces the problem of having to dispose of unused material and, himself, tries to find a way to solve this problem. Based on this, in “Non degradable”, together with EDUCULT, he invites three artists* to convey this paradox through their works, consciously drawing attention to ephemerality and sustainability in the art world.

In the new exhibition as part of the “Salon der Kulturen”, visual artists Stefanie Koscher, Thaer Maarouf and Otmar Wagner enter into an artistic discourse.

The exhibition at EDUCULT’s premises in Q21 of the MuseumsQuartier Wien can be visited from 10th June to 30th September 2022 within our opening hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 -17:00).

Below you can find information information about the aforementioned artists and their work: