Inbal Volpo

Inbal Volpo is an interdisciplinary artist whose works have been exhibited in cities across Israel as well as in Vienna. She studied at Tel Aviv University and “Hamidrasha” School of Art, where she graduated with honors. Beyond her work as an artist, she has also worked in the field of arts education.

Volpo grew up on the Green Line border between Israel and Palestine, and this environment, along with the expansion of Israeli settlements into the West Bank heavily informs and shapes her work. In her own words, “Since the Israeli government began to build settlements in the West Bank as a means of erasing and redefining the borders, we, the residents of the settlements, have been serving as soldiers in a political war of definition, blurring and erasure.” This experience with the shifting nature of boundaries is reflected in her work, which often takes political or historical inspiration.

Translationality, 2021

Sound Installation

Vocals and Soundscaping: Esther Wratschko

Sound Engineering: José Lopes

Yiddish Lyrics: Itzik Manger (original, 1938)

Hebrew Lyrics: Naomi Shemer

Viennese Lyrics: Hans Breuer

Composer: Philip Laskowsky (as known)

Tragic Action no.2 Rauscherstraße 5 © Inbal Volpo

Tragic Action no.1 Rauscherstraße 5 chimney © Inbal Volpo

Tragic Action – Inbal Volpo

Co-Project with the photographer Amit Shemesh. Camera Obscura

“Quarantine. Stuck at home. Watching light and days go by.  

The light hits the room between the shades. A light catching apparatus. a camera obscura.

This is a research project dealing with the relationship between the interior end the exterior of our habitats and our mind. Long days enclosed in a familiar place enable deeper observation of the familiar and the known.  

In order to enable an extended sense of sight, we have covered the windows and turned our homes into a Camera Obscura. The exterior projected all over the room, turned upside down, the world outside mixed within the walls and furniture. 

Disassembling our supremacy over the apparatus, to let go of the power of a point of view in order to extend our sight beyond our sense of sight, to see what cannot be seen, to see it from the inside – diminution. Becoming apparatus. Becoming – minoritarian.”

Route 5 © Inbal Volpo

Route 5, 2020

“Route 5 is the highway crossing Israel from west to east, from the Tel Aviv metropolitan area to the West Bank.

The main artery of Israel.

Driving the road undermines the concept of boundary and border.

The Green Line, the 1967 border between Israel and Palestine, always stays as a non-binding silent passenger.

Google Street View recognizes the invisible border, pointed out by the little orange figure in the left lower corner, crossing houses and streets as if they were not there, or as if the line was not there.

My childhood home, and my parents residence until this day, is on a street crossed by the Green Line.

On the ride home I am never alone – the history, the politics and Zionism are my companions.”

-Inbal Volpo    

Route 5 © Inbal Volpo