Marwa Sarah

“…Fürchtet euch nicht…“ Wir haben nichts zu verliern, außer unsere Angst © Marwa Sarah

Marwa Sarah was born in Syria and lives and works in the capital city of Austria. Before coming to Austria, Marwa studied painting and fine art in Damascus. She is not only an artist, but also an active member and founder of multiple initiatives with focal points including art workshops, social research, and integration. Her reflections and art are often based on true stories and research on the psychological and philosophical aspects of asylee and immigrant experiences.

Marwa obtained her Master’s in Art and Science at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. This was not the end of her academic career, as she is currently continuing at the University in pursuit of a PhD in philosophy. Her research focuses on individualism in modern life.

Marwa focuses not just on art, but also spends time committed to social and community work, which she ties in with her art. Marwa volunteered as an ambassador for Project Xchange, helping those new to Vienna establish roots in the city and develop their language capabilities. “Language is a wall. Some people are luckier than others, learn faster than others” she says. Overcoming this wall and promoting exchange between people is a major concern of hers.

© Marwa Sarah

Sound Device © Marwa Sarah

This piece is a phonograph-designed device, mounted on the level of human’s ears.

The Sound Device project is a visual reflection of a unique experience of different sounds we hear in our heads that you can play and mix as you please.

For Marwa, empowerment and emancipation are not just two empty buzzwords, but real, lived experiences that flow into her art and workshops. It is especially important to Marwa to lead the way as a positive example for women. Marwa regularly exhibits in Europe and Arab countries.