Stefanie Koscher

Stefanie Koscher is an Austrian born multidisciplinary artist and musician currently based in Vienna. Coming from a performing arts and stage background, she worked in theaters such as The Public NYC, Staatsoper unter den Linden Berlin, Burgtheater Vienna, Bushwick Starr Brooklyn, assisting Andrea Breth, the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, the Elevator Repair Service NYC amongst others. Next to performing and recording music, she creates digital and analog multimedia artworks. Transformatory processes of the human psyche in a post-virtual age have constituted an important focal point in her work. While living in NYC with occasional stays in Berlin from 2009-2013, she started developing a virtual performative persona called Steffko – Die Kunst #1 (short: #SDK1), who is the protagonist of most of her performative new media pieces. She also creates analog artworks, such as collage based mixed media works and objects with an overall series-oriented, conceptual approach.



Object 1 (A whole new World – Series) – Stefanie Koscher

Object 1 (Evolution – Series) – Stefanie Koscher

Object 2 (Evolution – Series) – Stefanie Koscher